V-Max upgrade

Haha, booked my trike in to PDQ for 23rd March (will drop it off Sat 21st) for the major service on the engine, basically top end off and valve clearances… and a new set of clutch plates, cos it’s now slipping when the boost kicks in. Seeing as it’s a Barnett heavy-duty issue already, I must have been caning it off the lights :blush:

Got to discussing go-faster bits with Larry Webb. We talked about their 1300cc big-bore kit, but they won’t touch that til winter now - business has gone mad in the last couple of weeks and I doubt I would see it again til midsummer. However, there’s a new Mikuni flatslide carb which works very well and fits the 'Max, so I’m going for a set of those. No room for an air filter, maybe socks or similar will fit. Anyway, they should liberate some extra donks and come next winter, more cubes :smiley:

If/when I get the big kit on, presumably I notify the DVLA and my insurers. Does it need another MoT as well?

I don’t think so. Just declaration to DVLA and your insurance co.

That said, I know of someone who was forced to put his special (car) through single vehicle type approval again by the DVLA due to a bigger engine being fitted.

good god 7wheel ya nuts man :smiley:

whats next…nitrous ? :slight_smile:

Alas no, a new clutch is next.

Went down to Tunbridge Wells today to see my brother, clutch was slipping a bit worse. Ahah, I thought, I know, in for a penny etc, I’ll switch on the T-Boost and further its cause. Great fun, but plainly the clutch wasn’t happy.

Got as far as the A21 / M25 junction on the way home, suddenly it was all over bar a few fragments. I nursed it up the hard shoulder at 15mph and crept back onto the A21, got as far as the Coach and Hoirses near Orpington and it was time to call it quits. Or call the rescue truck, anyway. I just got in, 4 hours later.

Gawd knows how long a standard clutch lasts. Minutes probably. Ah well, it’s all part of the joys of triking.