V Max or VZ800 Marauder?

Hi all,

I’m looking at getting myself a ‘new’ bike (funds and wife permitting). I reckon my knees will never forgive me if I go back to sports bikes though, so am looking for something along a cruiser.

I’m torn between either a V Max or some sort of cruiser. Can’t really afford anything like a decent HD (or be done with the maintenance) unfortunately. There are however some nice, low mileage V Maxes to be found out there for between 4-6k, problem is I still can’t stretch to that either at the moment!!

I’m tempted to get a cheapish cruiser for the summer to cut about on, maybe keep putting something aside until next year when a decent V Max might be more accessible. The Suzuki VZ800 Marauder seems to get reasonable reviews and can be picked up for about 2k for a low-miler.

Any views/opinions/experience would be appreciated, particularly on whether or not the VZ has suitable reach for a six-footer.

Cheers, Brandon

Love the marauder,not as good as the v-max at speeds, but its not the speed is it.good luck

I had a Vmax bout 10 yrs ago, wicked bikes…But, they dont handle, the brakes are sh*t, got a small petrol tank and it emptys rather quick when the v-boost comes on.

In a straight line, they’ll pull your arms off :hehe:

But saying that I’d have another one, and with a few mods, could be a sweet bike :cool:

and that are good for burnouts,a tel:D

I learned bikes and beer dont mix :stuck_out_tongue:

what u on about u got your knee down as well.while doing a burnout:D

cheers guys, v max are the business… also had a look at a VF750c for sale locally, but a bit of a bidding war has started which I’m not going to get sucked into. i’m going to keep looking.

breaking news - have now bought the VF750c (after a few persuasive telephone conversations!), just waiting for the cheque to clear. looking forward to having a bike with a bit of poke for a change…!!!

V-Max next time, perhaps?

zwheel, yeah - no getting away from the fact that the vmax is an awesome bike. funds dictated otherwise on this occasion, but maybe next time… :wink: