V-Max insanity

Picked the trike up from PDQ earlier, where it has had a leetle bit of work done. Major service ( valve clearances, tappits, shims and all that mysterious stuff), Keihin 35mm CV carbs / airbox / air filter junked and Mikuni 40mm open carbs fitted, oil breather scavenger as well, dyno and tune.

And what’s it like now? Absolutely fecking insane :w00t::D:w00t::smiley:

You gotta hear this thing on the throttle, it sounds bonkers lol. That Larry Webb, he just leads sensible people like me astray.

Sound like you need a ride to Stamford and Rutland water mate, promise not to get you lost!

man i want to see this thing now! :w00t:

Sounds great - nice one 7. :slight_smile:

havent seen the trike for ages!!
its is a very impressive beast indeed, i bet it sounds luverly:D:D

I was very tempted, but I think I have to sort a petrol tank selector prob out first - PDQ put a nice new switch in, but I’m not sure that the actuator is working. So tomorrow is local testing and running out of fuel in a cultural desert, no doubt. Have fun though, I will be back :slight_smile:

@Ratty - the induction noise off those carbs is crazy (no airbox, no filter, just trumpets lol) and when I wind the throttle on at 5,000 rpm and it goes up through the V-Boost at 6, it just sounds mental and takes off like a rocket. 3rd or 4th gear roll-ons… uh, me y-fronts. :smiley:

That’d be you I saw on the M4 on saturday, then - fantastic trike, and sounded gorgeous.

Was exactly what my sis was looking to have built.

jeez 'kin thing was mental before the work god knows what it’ll be like now :w00t::w00t:

That was me then, getting acquainted with the new kit :slight_smile:

Built by Trike Design, Caerphilly (aka Hank’s Chop Shop), if you sis wants to look further. They do nice conversions on old FZX750 Yammys too (and Harleys by the shedload) - the FZX is a nice job, a lot more compact than my big old beast.

@Steve - true, it’s 'kin mentaller :smiley:

Ya fuggin nutter:D

Sounds like you’re gonna have your hands full now :smiley:

How long before you NOS it?;):smiley:

Ah yes, Hank’s Chop Shop is where she was looking…
She particularly wanted a VMax, though :slight_smile:

Well, I can recommend that choice :smiley:

I can too, after seeing it in action :slight_smile:
I did wave (gotta get out of the habit, but I’ve only been driving cars for 4 months versus 25 years on bikes and I nod at every bike that passes) and then we were into the 50mph zone at J6…

And the supercharger!:w00t: