UV protection

Right this has been bugging me for a while. Someone once told me that if you are wearing a dark visor you risk damaging your eyes if it doesn’t have the required ray protection. Apparently because being dark it means your retina (or cornea?) is more open, it allows more of the ‘bad’ rays (I assume UVA/ UVB) in to damage your eye.

Which got me wondering… do dark visors offer any UV protection? I have a XR1100 visor I bought from racevisors and can’t find this information anywhere

Get the OEM visors, they come with UV protection.

It will afford you better protection than wearing a clear visor.  

Even a BSI approved 50% tint visor under BS4110 does not offer UV protection

Imagine the damage being caused by UV to all those people who wear no eye protection at all.  My ordinary glasses which are reactolite does not offer UV protection.  So don’t worry about it.

Just checked shoei website and it says they give good uv protection

Ah cool… I think the one I got from racevisors is an original Shoei so all good there :slight_smile:

I don’t think that this country has enough hours of sun or sunny days to screw your eyesight (or elevated UV indexes), this being said, YES, it’s important to protect your eyes against PROLONGED UV rays exposure.
From headaches and cataracts to early macular degeneration  and cancer, the sun can screw your eyes big time, so next time you book your Benidorm holidays do not buy those cheap ray ban imitation and invest on some quality shades

My sunglasses are all ray bans… this is the helmet visor we’re talking about :P 

If it’s of any help, I’m currently looking for some sort of sun glasses that I can wear with my helmet without much discomfort because It does bother me a lot when it’s very bright even with dark visors.  I’ll buy something cheap but UV proof, that I don’t mind to loose. 

Maui Jim sunglasses fit well with crash helmet.
I love my Maui Jim’s

in winter when i wear sunglasses over a clear visor i only use specialized helmet ones, these in particular bloc sunglasses

they are very durable and light at the same time.

In lower light levels your irises react to allow more light - and therefore uv - through to the retina. So if you have a dark visor without uv filters, you’ll be exposing your poor peepers to an additional amount of uv and all the additional dangers that go with it.

It’s never been something that I’ve thought about as, being seriously short sighted, my contacts have uv filters in them. And being naturally pale and interesting, I never go our without a thick layer of factor 50, so I’m already uv protected. 

I’ve got the Schberth C3 with built-in retractable sun-visor.

I thought it was a gimmick when I bought the lid but have surprised myself with how useful it is. Any sunny day now I find myself flicking it into use a few times. What’s so great about it is: you always have it with you, and you can flick it up when you go into a tunnel or shade - even if it’s only for a few seconds.

Highly recommended.

i have a dark tint shoie visor that offers good uv protection
The drop down visor also offers the same
I use both when the sun out

Ugly fish do a range of crash helmet sunglasses

Check sportsbikeshop.co.uk

I can’t do sunglasses… mist up all the time. Also I love that with my dark visor, when I’m in a dark country lane where the sun does not go, I’m able to just lift it and see… with glasses not sure that would work