utter bollox


I ask myself this if he was tearing along the hard shoulder WHY didnt the f’n **** just turn the car off at the key even an auto will eventualy stop the carnage this asshole could have caused what a tosser and i bet he will get away with it aswell

He’ll probably make a tidy sum when he sues BMW!

there was a similar story a few years back involving a HGV driver, same problem!

It seems simple to me, if your car starts accelerating, slam brakes on, if it doesn’t slow down, turn of the engine whilst on the hard shoulder, you’ll soon stop, as long as you dont take key out ignition you wont lock the steering wheel!

Looking at the guys pic, you can see why though

Looking at the muppet involved I wouldn’t credit him with the inteligence needed to dream up a story like that. And, whilst the car would have come to a stop if he turned off the ignition I suspect he couldn’t have steered it with out the engine running due to a lack of power steering.

That said I bet he was bragging to his mates down the pub.

you dont need power steering to drive a car, he was on the motoray, which are relatively straight, there was no excuse to do 60 miles flatout the geezer is a

at the time the police described the driver as a hero, when the truck was looked at he had disconnected the speed limiter, which had made the throttle cable hook up on to it, that type of older scania has a separate engine kill control on a pull out thing in the cab, which would of stopped it or he could of turned the key off, when he came to a stop aginst the crash barrier near the bottom of the m1 he bent the step panel back and dented the barrier slightly, an out of control 44 ton truck does a lot more damage than that

the driver was later found to have issues having beat up a member of his family, and having some kind of attention seeking illness…

wonder if this guy is related…

I couldn’t agree more with you! Even on a aoutomatic car you can reduce the gears and slow dow ! do you thing the police would belive that I got a stuck throtle if they cought me at 150mph?? I can say that i was crying all the way round…

“the police had trouble catching up to him”

Ah yes, the 107,000 mile 1.8 litre BMW. Where they on foot?

He should’ve turned the engine off. You’re gonna slow down and while the steering may be virtually useless, the plot’ll slow real quick.

But he don’t look like a Mensa champion does he?

What a genius! LOL… Engine… off?? Handbrake? Fuel dump? (Okay that comes from watching too many plane films)

Fuel dump? Setting it to autopilot to a nearby field and use the ejector seat?

Tbh, the guy hardly looks like he’s from the deep end of the gene pool… The Indie reported yesterday that the police have already decided not to prosecute and have released the car to BMW, which would indicate what he was saying was true, howsoever implausible.

its not the fact of telling the truth the fact is he could just turn off the key and it would slow and stop not keep going for 60 miles until he crashed

Ans they’re not going to prosecute him for using his mobile whilst driving???


My heart goes out to the poor fellow. He must have had quite a shock.

Think he should be provided with counseling, all at the taxpayers expence of course, as no doubt the rest of his life will be blighted from the extreme trauma he will be suffering from.

Also should get many thousands in compensation, from both BMW, and the counseling services, perhaps even be provided with two weeks a year holiday in Barbados for life.

Oh, and then I suppose he should be entitled to incapacity benefit as he shouldn’t really go back to work after a shock like that. After all, you never know when post traumatic stress disorder will pop it’s ugly head up.

And while we’re at it, why not a new identity and new life under the witness protection scheme?

Going to sell my house and all it’s contents and donate the proceeds to his fighting fund.

Bless him.

What a fuckwit.