Using mobile phone abroad

I’ll be going to Sweden soon, I have a contract phone with Three network. But for the short period I’m in Sweden I wanted to get another SIM ( apparently you can get one for free) just to top it up to use it to call other mobiles in Sweden whilst i’m there. Anyone has any recommendations what I should ask for when I’m in Three store, should I be using that network at all? are there cheaper networks out there?

Thank you for your help

Make sure you ask in store, Three have a Feel At Home thing where using your phone abroad doesn’t cost you any extra on top of your normal allowance

have you used it?

I haven’t as I’m on PAYG with Three but they kept sending me messages about it while I was in France in July. It also depends on what country you’re in so as I said it’s worth asking about.

First question is your phone unlocked to take another SIM.

I use O2 on contract and pay 1.99 a day to use my phone in Europe-ish. There’s a connection charge of 50p but then it’s as normal for an hour

If I’m going somewhere further afield I use an ekit SIM which is a bit odd to use at first (you call the number, it doesn’t go through, you get a call from a local number, and it connects you to where you wanted to call - v odd), but it’s PAYG.

that’s a good question, i’m off to three store to talk to them