Used Nikon lenses

Okay, I’ve finally gone an brought myself an slr. I have the Nikon D5100.

I’m still getting to grips with the basics, playing around with the settings.

I only have the 18-55mm kit lens at the moment. Someone I work with is teaching me as I go and letting me use his lenses every now an again.

Sports photography is my main aim, not as a job mearly as a hobby, so I won’t be making any money out of it.

Now the question is, where can I pick up decent second hand lenses cheap? And I know the lenses I want are far from cheap. I’m after lenses with an f2.8

lenses hold their value really well so you’ll find cheaper but not cheap.

have a look at and other independents like York cameras, and don’t discount other brands, particularly sigma, who make some lovely lenses.

happy hunting, let me know what you find.

this looks like what you might be looking for.

wow biking looks pretty price friendly in comparison! :smiley:

Mifsuds, but used lenses are still well expensive and you do get what you pay for.

i have just got me to dslr to play with wile my leg heals. I picked myself up a canon 600d then looked at lenses and well got depressed. haha

I want to do Sports photography and macro photography on my search i came across lots of people using lens’s from the 70 and 80s, m42 mount lenses with a adapter plate i have ordered one and it means my dads old zenit len’s will fit my 600d you don’t have all the fancy digital bits but you can play around with them and on ebay you can pick up old m42 mount lens’s cheap compered.

The guys wear allso saying keep a eye out at boot fairs he picked up a old m42 125-300mm lens up for £8 then got a x2 extension ring for £4 so now has a 125-300mm and a 250-600mm lens for £12 with a £3 converter ring not bad i say lol

London camera exchange on the strand.

Also worth noting that if you’re off to a weekend race meeting say, you could always hire a bit of glass before you go buy. Check out lensfettish and fixation.

Just be aware of a couple of issues.

The converter rings means you have a non auto focus lens on your camera (which takes some getting used to with sports photography).

And then with extension rings, they also double the max aperture. So if you get a slightly slow zoom lens (perhaps f5.6 at the max zoom) the max apperture will then be halved (so the f5.6 will now be an f8 max). That can lead to unacceptable high exposure times and that won’t be good with sports photography.

I’ve found some good prices of second hand lenses on Gumtree. I only ever do cash on collection on there though. Don’t trust someone to post something to you.

i see, Thanks for that =] i came across it wile looking at macro len’s to get close up’s with a tripod so i can then set the exposure higher as its steady and on a non moving object.

ignore what i said above lol will be pretty much useless for what you want, i have only had my 600d for 2 or 3 days so extreamley new to it all.

my dad just dug out his old len’s so i have a 35mm a 2x converter and some spacer tubes witch i think are for macro and are what im in need off but not sure yet allso a zenit photosniper built in the USSR

I get some of the best quality pics with my M42 lenses, much better quality glass but only for static objects because of the manual focus

depending on which sports you’ll need AF, and possibly also the servo mode. Manual won’t do you much favours other than to increase your swear count.

2nd hand lenses do come up on ebay pretty regularly and on the higher end lenses you’re going to save a couple of hundred off UK retail. I have bought this way and have not had any issues. However for the risk you can also get lenses new via grey import for similar money. Sometimes their customer service leaves something to be desired, but I’ve always received the items.

the good thing is at least that if you look after it well, you can sell it again for similar money.

the extenders mentioned are worth considering, but bear in mind they lose 1-2 stops depending on which one you get. so your 2.8 will be more like 4-5.6

I am not sure the older manual lenses will meter with the 5100 model. Would be fully manual and that can be a pain especially for someone new to the camera. If you want 2.8 lenses then you are not going to find much that is good quality unless you pay a lot and that goes for 2nd hand too. I ended up with the Nikon 50 1.8 and also the Nikon VR 70-300 which is a fantastic lens for the money. With the high iso capability of the latest cameras you do not have to worry so much about noise and so you can boost the iso in poor light to get the faster shutter speeds. Of course 2.8 lenses will give better depth of field but I find the 70-300 VR is enough for my needs and it does have nice out of focus areas (bokeh).

I have bought several lenses from in the past and all in as new condition so highly recommend them



*in CAPS to make you take note.

must say loving this adapter plate canon 600d with a photo sniper lens and stock muhahahahah

worth a buy with some cheap lens to just play with tbh the first photo i took was with a 1960-1970s Russian lens i think from the photo sniper kit dont think it came out to bad for the first photo, i did have a x2 converter on aswell so the depth is a bit off

Cheers guys, looks like I’ll be saving for a while then, ha ha

that looks like the kind of thing that you’d get a knock at the door from the old bill about…