USED BIKES - where have they gone?

I’ve been looking to chop in my 7R for a used litre sportsbike - most probably an R1 or a GSXR.

I was looking on the Biketrader site around November and there were usually 6 or 7 bikes at the right price/conditon to choose from within a 60 mile radius of my location - I’ve been looking for ages and haven’t got my arse in gear and sorted it out :rolleyes: - but work and other committments got in the way and I had to hold off checking them out/buying one.

I counted on a similar selection being available when I had some free time (now) to take a look at them.

I’ve just logged on and there is just one dodgy looking R1 available! :crazy:

Is this just a Christmas/new year thing and will things be back to normal as January rolls on?

No one wants to sell over Christmas/New Year.

Added to that litre sports bikes are not commanding any money (look at the bike section on here for the price drops before being sold), so people are possible not prepared to take the massive hit and try and ride out the storm.

Here what you are saying Kevsta.

Just seems a massive change from a fair selection to nothing in just 4-5 weeks (i’m only looking at trade ads as I want to part ex).

Winter is where all the deals come from on sports bikes, you seem to have missed them… When they start coming back on the market in a couple of weeks the buying price will also go back up as its ‘just in time for the new season’ talk & all that nonsense!

Look outside the 60 miles radius, most dealers will now offer free delivery because they need the sales at this time of year. If your going for private sale market, ask for some more detailed pictures so you can decide if the trip to view it will not be a waste of time when described as ‘Mint’ actually means on the one side that was photoed for the advert or when the bike was brought new!!

Just out of curiosity as i brought an R1 in November, whats your budget for a litre bike as there are still some real bargains out there depending on year!

Sondel have got a couple of R1s for sale.

If you believe my whining mate, they’ve all been shipped off to Poland, Romania etc to be resold at a profit.

He reckons they come over in a Transit, pack it full of used bikes, and drive back to Eastern Europe to sell them on…

I’m looking at the lower end of the market - a 2001(low miles) bike for around 3k - It’s gonna be an allround workhorse and do everything from hooning to 500 mile a week commutes.

Saw two really nice R1’s late November but was up to my eyes in it and couldn’t get tround to taking a look. Now I am kicking myself :pinch:

Looks like I’ve missed the sodding boat! :crying:

For that money i am not sure where you have been looking but there are loads on biketrader, if your going for an R1 i would look at the mint versions of the original 99/00/01 R1 rather then the 01//02/03 fuel injected as the original holds its money better (although i prefer fuel injected bikes) there are a lot of K2 & K3 GSXR’s on there and didn’t bother looking at the Blades as I seem to blow Honda’s up!! I think your budget would also get you a decent 04 ninja which was an AWESOME machine (steering damper reccomended!!)! There were a couple just over 3k but remember you should be able to get some money off to bring within/nearer your budget and a lot of the dealers were offering free nationwide delivery as mentioned previously!

SeanR1 (04/01/2013)

Thanks for the advice SeanR1.

Perhaps I’m not getting results because I am stipulating under 20k miles - although in November I came up with two beauties with around 15k miles - but couldn’t get out to see them.

I know the mileage thing is an old chestnut (there are low mileage lemons and high mileage keepers) - but I will wack on tens of thousands of miles onto this thing so I want to start with as low a figure as possible! :smiley:

I prefer using a dealer in London/S.East - as I really want to eyeball/ride the bike first - and if anything goes rong i don’t want them to be 200 miles up the road.

I really want an R1 but have looked at gixxer thous - the only thing holding me back is I don’t reckon suzuki quality and reliability is as good as Yams - I’ve stacked loads of miles on an old yamaha ace and the bike seems to have superior reliability and quality compared to suzukis I have owned.

I had a f2p ninja 9 was a proper quick roomy do everthing bike miss it tbh my r1 is uncomfy but the handling an performance make up for it but couldn’t live with it day to day.

Thanks Redrat - that sounds like good advice - reminds me of a conversation I had recently with a K1 gixxer thou owner who workd in a Yam shop (so he knew about R1s) who said an old K1 gixxer thou was more of a day in day out bike* than the K1 R1.

*as much as a gixxer thou of any year could be considered a day in day out bike lol . . . :smiley:

No worries - FYI I always filter under 20K as well! The problem with test riding in london is lack of space to really ride it and see if there are any issues/noises and most london dealers won’t let you out for more then an hour so makes it more difficult. Places like on yer bike in Aylesbury have a good rep, good after service and are on a road that lets you open the bike up immediately and lead to some decent roads, you will gain more info from an hour ride here then from any shop in London - just something to consider!:smiley:

Not quite under 20k but it ticks all the other boxes…

(I don’t work for them, just like them)

Thanks SeanR1 - yeah - onyerbik usually have a decent selection.

There’s an LBer selling a 2004 ZX10R for that money…Great value for money.

That would be a brilliant bike.

Stunt Martin I beleive

Is it just me or does the Akra can look like its been on its side, does fit the bill in the other areas though Alarm,FSH!

didn’t look closely, sly internet access at work. they are a short way from my house, could look it over for you if you want.

Thanks theprawn - for the heads up and the offer to take a gander for me :slight_smile: much appreciated - but the mileage is just a bit too high for me though - i’d prefer and earlier model for the same price with less mileage.

Thanks Afro - but I need to part ex the 7r.

Also I love the 7r - but kawasaki build quality from this period is not very good - enough to turn me off kawas all together - maybe things got a lot better at kawasaki by the time the 10r was produuced.

I ride a k3 gsxr1000 and it’s a great day in day out bike. Rode it down to Le Mans last year and it was really comfy, even bike mags describe the k3/4 as a sports tourer now!

If it was me, I’d be buying on condition not mileage. If you specify under 20k and there’s a belter with 21k on it, then you’re going to miss it.

Also, you could end up with an ex track bike with 10k on it, which would be no where near as nice as a Sunday sunny ride only bike with 25k on it.

There really is nothing better than getting to the bike and looking at it, as photos (no matter how many and how good they are) can be very deceiving.

And all the dedicated forums for those bikes would be places to look.

And by the way, we used to have a 7r track bike, and you’ll love an R1 or GSXR when you get one, they’re worlds apart :slight_smile:

Good luck