Used bikes: Platinum, Budget Bikes, Fins, others?

Wasn’t sure which forum this belonged in. Since I’m a newbie, I’m posting it here, even though I’m pretty sure it really should go elsewhere.

Anyway, I’m looking for a “first big bike” and have a fairly small budget. I’m flexible as to manufacturer or model; when I have more experience and more money, I’ll be more picky about knowing and getting exactly what I want. There seem to be some dealers, not terribly far from London, that deal only in used bikes and that have larger inventories of used bikes, from a wider variety of manufacturers, than the new-bike dealers have.

Does anyone have experience with these places? The ones I’ve found on-line are Platinum Bikes in rural Hampshire, Budget Bikes in Swindon, and Fins Motorcycles in Redhill.

If people have experiences with any specific dealer, I’d appreciate hearing about it. Or if there are general principles I should be aware of in deciding whether to buy from a used-bike specialist dealer and how to deal with them if I do, that’d be great as well.

We’d need to know your budget really as that’s the main factor in what you could buy! Also, why bother with a dealer? You immediately pay a mark up to cover their overheads. If you’re new to bikes and are too scared to go view some private sales, I’d be more than willing to come along with you.

I know a couple of people who have bought from Fins- they have mostly been ok.
Don’t know the other two.

Also check out Open Road Motorcycles in Farnborough.
I’ve dealt with them personally and they were fantastic.

My experience of Finns is pretty good and went out of their way to collect and fix from SW20 and return to SM4 when there was a warranty issue.

Hi there!

I got mine nearly a year ago at Fins in Redhill. The bike has not had a fault, honest and straightforward service. They come serviced, HPI checked, 3 months warranty and MOTd.

I’m very happy with mine so far.

Good luck

I was disappointed with Fins

Rang them up and asked about a Suzuki they had in stock, it looked very good in the photos but I just wanted confirmation that it was as good in the flesh before committing to the 180 mile round trip. The chap on the phone told me it was mint and in showroom condition. In fact it wasn’t, it was as if it had spent the last three years on the streets without so much as a cover. Not too closer inspection revealed the chrome engine bars, chrome headlight rim, chrome engine cover plate and other parts I can’t remember were plastered in chrome sticky tape to cover rust and pitting.

My experience is that one dealer will be as good as the next, if your buying used the only rule is Caveat Emptor.

A very generous offer. I may take you up on it. Meanwhile, thanks to everyone for your comments.

Curly Ally is selling a great 1st big bike, Kwaka ER6, I went R6 and some how survived (couple of close calls :w00t:), but wouldn’t recommend it… Too much power…