Used Bike Shops

Hey all, do you guys know of any good used bike shops around the SW area. or any good website that have private seller.

I have had a look on ebay and bike trader not really much on there for what im after.

What are you looking for?

Fraid you have to travel these days for what you want mate :slight_smile:

how far’s godstone / surrey from you?

Bought mine there:

They have a few bikes there, they only just seem to be a bit slow on the online side of things (the owner said he’s not a computer technical person), since the bike I bought there a month ago is still on the page as vehicle of the week :w00t:

Well am after an 08/09 YZF r125.
at a max price of about £2500, want to buy it out right not do it on finance as i only want to keep it for about a year or so.

i don’t mind to travel but I still have to think about getting it back being a new rider, I would be a good chance that when I buy it that will be the 1st time I will have ridden a bike since doing the CBT.

You’ll be lucky to find a dealer with that bike year and price. We sold an 09 with 6k on the clock for £3000. Auto trader will be your best option and find one of the dealers on there

year the dears do seem to be high. I have seen a few private going for that sort of price but they have been to far to go. just not a lot that I can see at the mo going private.

cheapest I have seen at dealers so far is around the 2799 mark. which would be ok if i can get the cash or make the money back on it if i took it on finance.

Go to West London Yamaha and have a nose, worst case you can get them to ring you if anyone part-x’s one in?

Just get someone to ride back with you from wherever it is you pick it up from. My first ride after the CBT clocked 40miles and was through Lewisham at peak hour. Get in the deep end. :wink:

And good luck on the hunt. :slight_smile:

that really is the deep end lol. if it comes down to it that is what will have to be done.