used bike purchase


tomorrow i’m going to see a bike from a private seller, my concerne is the buying procedure itself, how does it work?

You pay, get the bike, register as new owner, insurance…

Any clue of which steps to follow, also considering the case of a bike to tax and mot? I never bought a used bike here in uk so I have no idea about the procedure…

Thanks in advance for your help…

most important thing is to get insurance quotes before you meet and make sure you can start them with one call (most will).

check bike (test ride if needed)
if satisfied sign V5 get current owner to sign too and fill in your details (this will be sent off by the owner) and keep cutoff part of V5 (proof of ownership)
give cash

Call insurance comp, start insurance and ride home smiling!!

make sure ther’s no finance outstanding. thats the worst.




Thanks a lot!

so it’s easyer then i expected…

1 more thing, in case the bike has no mot or tax?

I read somewhere that sometimes the name on the V5 may be not the legal owner, is it right? what would happen then?

thanks a lot again…

then walk away - there are better deals out there :wink:

as said above do a vehicle check so that means getting reg number b4 you even go to see the bike.

also check all numbers match which are on the log book, engine number and frame number, also if got all mots just reads through em see if mileage adds up etc.

Apparently not so. On the new V5s (different colour as well), it says in big letters on the front that it is not a proof of ownership. I’m not sure what is tbh :wink:

that’s what i mean, how can the seller not be the same name as the owner??..

anyway i didn’t see the bike, no mot and some tlc needed… i’ll go for something “ready to go” preferrably from a dealer…

I looked into this when my new (bright red) V5 came … you have a moment of panic when the document says in big letters “you aren’t necessarily the owner of the vehicle - but the registered keeper” :w00t: … instantly thoughts spring to mind of the log-book-loan nonesense that we’ve been reading about recently …

I guess the point is … ask to see photo ID of the seller … if his name/address and photo match up to the “registered keeper” on the V5 … then you should be ok … but that is a big should … and I guess it is the DVLA’s way of covering their own back by saying “well you were warned” if it goes tits up

Ask to see the V5 before you see the bike then take the V5 out to the bike and verify that the engine and chassis numbrers correspond to those on the V5.

I didn’t do that when I bought my old CB500 as I had no clue but when I was selling it privately the chap did and I though, wow that’s a good idea.

The rest of the advice above is generally how the deal goes down.

Check id matches with v5. HPI check the bike.

Check this link

V5 has never been proof of ownership, that’s why it calls the holder of the V5 the registered keeper.
Having said that, if you need to collect your vehicle from a police vehicle pound, they’ll want to see a V5 in your name as proof of ownership.
Ridiculous, eh ?