Use Facebook responsibily....

I’m not sure who is the ****** in this situation…LOL





Nice ! PMSL

This is fake right? She wouldnt have put her boss on her facebook friends and shes only been at his company 5 mins by the sound of it, so hes not exactly gonna be on her list of mates…but it was funny and does make u think of who u have on ur list of mates on there…made me run and check mine anyway !! :slight_smile:

Exactly why I’m a leper who doesn’t do facebook! :smiley:

I love Farcebook!!!

I dunno, some idiots will add anyone just for the sake of an extra 1 on their friends list

Have to say thats pretty funny… i know of a similar case myself, never got the sack like, well you wouldnt in this job, got a good talking too though… be fugged if i’d add anyone higher up the chain on my FB

Yeah the “collectors” :hehe:

I know a boss who fired an employee after he called in sick and posted pictures of his day out at Alton Towers the day after. When he got in to work he was presented a print out and given his notice.

I decided to close or delete most of my online accounts. Why the hell woudl I want anyone knowing where I live, what I drive/ride, what my name is, what I do every second of the day?

I say just join a forum and you will be better off.