US car insurers give refund

Can’t see this happening in the UK

We thought about SORN and putting our insurance on hold, two cars and the motorcycle all kept off public roads. Decided against it because we want to retain the theft cover, we have the choice to go shopping in the car or on the bike and we’ve always had his n her cars, very handy just in case one lets us down. Besides that being pensioners and living in rural parts the saving wouldn’t be that great.

Lacie Glover (Nerd Wallet) explains the pros and cons of pausing, cancelling or reducing your motor vehicle insurance here, you have the choice!

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I have multibike now, so it isnt effected if I sorn one and not the other

ive sorn’d the bikes, it hurt.

i have a car, as does the other half, and only takes 5 min to retax if needed. the £100 cheque helped a bit too

My bikes insurance is up in June, so if I see no sign of lockdown easing I’ll be sorning the bike. I have my car to get to work and as the streets are so empty I can just use that as boring as it is… a 20yo automatic golf haha