Urgh, heart fights the mind

I gave the RSV4 back to the dealer to sell as the cost of insurance and monthly lease payments were significant and we’re saving for a new house at the mo so getting that money back would help make that happen in a timescale we were happy with. It seemed like the sensible thing to do (even though the sale price is crap due to the new model getting all the lime-light, I’ll be at a loss in the short-term, but better off after a few months), but now the dealer has rung me and said he has a buyer I just can’t bring myself to hit the send button on the email authorising the sale!

Claire is sitting on the fence, like a good partner.

There’s also the issue of everyone wants to steal it, it gets me in trouble but on the flip side it’s the best bike I’ve ever ridden and deserves to be at the track every weekend! I think it might need an owner who can do it justice.

Tough call… But I’ve always thought if you don’t use something, it’s best to give/ sell it to someone who will enjoy it more… As long as you’re not getting too shafted on the price…

Stop trying to lure me. I’ll miss it too! Of all the bikes I’ve ridden on track, yours was head and shoulders above them all.
Guess when you do the numbers it makes sense for it to go Jay.

You can always get another. Later on.

you can get a newer, better one later on.

too many ifs and buts, sell it.
you want to be mature and sensible as you said. i wouldnt, but thats just me :wink:

you can get a newer, better one later on.

Or the same, cheaper.

Keep it and sell the GS!