Urgently need a bike trailer!!

I need a trailer to pick up a ZXR tomorrow.
I think Szymon or Numnum have one.

Please PM me their phone numbers so I can ask to borrow them.

Trailers will be returned washed. Can pay in beers or LAA donation.


Stupid question - but why don’t you ride it back?

Also if you dirving with the trailer just make sure your licence covers you to as the automatic addition to licences changed a few years back so you have to now do a test in order to be able to tow if you passed a certain date!

Where is the bike and put pics up when you have it - do like the old ZXR!

PM sent with number.

glad this is happening :slight_smile:

as a side note, AndyCR15 has one too

Can’t ride it back as it isn’t restricted.

TripleSteve has offered a trailer too so since I’ve already made arrangements with him, I’ll be picking up his trailer tonight.

Will post pictures of the bike!

Good bloke him, helped two LBers out today now!

Columbo - I NEED TO SEE THE NEW BIKE :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Your allowed to pull a trailer when the trailer and vechicle are less then a combined weight of 3.5 tonnes anything over that you need a C1 licence as far as i am aware…

Pictures will go up!

I’m so damn excited. I’ve got a list of things I want to do to it a mile long.
First thing will be to restrict it and get it on a dyno so I can get a certificate, MOT it and get all the paper work sorted out.
Then I’ll start the rebuild. Paperwork comes first so I don’t have to faff about later.
Getting it done while the bike is in one bit will mean once its built back up, I can ride to the OMC to get tyres fitted, rather than use a trailer or van.

The list of jobs to be done will be posted with the build thread :cool:

I’ve got a manual thanks to mum, model specific manual supplement thanks to dad as well as a trip to Cardiff.

It’s a lovely feeling to be here.
It’s taken me a year of withdrawing my entire paycheck in cash every payday to save enough to be able to afford one. (The joys of working part time on minimum wage)
I’ve been doing this for two years but the first year was to pay for insurance.
I’ve even skipped meals to maximise my saving. (Not that you could tell :w00t:)

It’s a damned good feeling to finally be here…

Don’t drop it :pinch:
Good effort biltong boy :cool:


Off to cardiff :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

XD i was there the outer day hehe best of luck and have fun pal btw the seven bridge on the m4 charge a toll not sure if they charge on weekends but its £6 something for cars

Well done Columbo. The fact that you scrimped and saved for this bike will make it all the more enjoyable and cherished. Good luck with the project!

Well done mate. It’s good to read about someone properly earning something they deserve, instead of all these stories about people that want/expect things to be handed to them on a plate.

Good luck with the project. Be careful on the journey back in this weather especially if you are not using to towing a trailer

You can fit tyres yourself buddy, just give me a shout and we’ll do it. But you do still have to go see matt to get your wheels balanced… If, unlike me, you bother balancing your rims :smiley:

Good luck buddy, really looking forward to see the build thread.

Really excited for you Charlie! Can’t wait to see the pics. Hope it’s as good as you expected when you get there.

On the way home!

Will post photos when I can!

well done Charlie

much deserved!

I’m home!

Build thread started in sportsbikes section of Bike Talk.
Hopefully I can keep you guys up to date and entertained while I work on it.