Hi everyone,

In Your Dreams is a low budget film featuring Parminder Nagra from Bend It Like Beckham, Dexter Fletcher from Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels an Linda Hamilton from The Terminator, it’s a romantic comedy based in London.

We are looking for a woman to drive away with a Moped, “acting” as Parminder Nagra. She needs to hold a full licence for motorcycle, be size 8 top, size 10 bottom, around 5’6. We’ll provide costume and make-up.

If you comply with the above or know someone who does, are free tomorrow afternoon and want to earn an extra £65, please contact me ASAP

Hannah Ireland
07949 267 234
[email protected]

Thank you!!

It was looking good until I got to the ‘size 8 top’

its amazing what can be done with film today

Aaah, you’re looking for a stunt trouble

Is the plot that a cyborg footballer runs amuck on a scooter whilst being chased by a member of Press Gang. Now that’s my kind of movie!


I wondered if it was you from the piccy

See now you’ve completly lost me. Que?


I thought the same until I read looking for a women.

Where can I find a lumpy jumper???

I’m sure I could find some falsies for you when I’m out shopping

Im gme for a laugh lol

And it would be!!!