Urgent request to borrow or buy, from someone

Does anyone have a bike ramp I can borrow (or buy)?

Ideally I’ll like to collect today, but can also collect Mon-tues night.

I’d buy one from ebay for ₤45, but it won’t be delivered in time!


the ramp you want to borrow what does it look like

try pming jonnybravo i think he has a ramp but dont know whether he will be using it …

Thanks Ging, I’ll give him a buzz.

Just looking for a standard bike ramp, to transport my bike.

I have one you can borrow, It’s in Slough though :slight_smile:

Thanks, appreciate it … If I can’t locate one near me (SE london), then I’ll give you a buzz :smiley:

would a plank or two of wood not suffice?

i would lend mine dude but i need what you do…

If only I had a few planks laying about?! :rolleyes:

Hey Adz, not sure what you mean? I’m an architect, and need it to load a bike into a van. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey zine… i found this… dont know if its any help :smiley:


You a legend! - Off to buy it now! :D:D

no probs mate :slight_smile: glad it all worked out in the end


As an ex architect, I’m bemused. I thought that one of your building sites could lend you a scaffold board or two. Borrowing odd bits and pieces for the weekend was one of the few perks the job had.

hmmm point:D

There are loads on here!!!;):smiley:

Eh? :smiley: