*URGENT* Puncture Help Needed for Foxy!

Foxy has got a puncture on the M20 and doesn’t have a repair kit or recovery. Can anyone please help? She’s a damsel in distress!!

ill go down in the van jay, i called her she said she was waiting to hear from someone.

if they dont come ill go down dont worry.

You’re a diamond, Adam!

home safe and sound…

Nice one Adam.

LB the 4th emergency service

I can’t thank you enough Adam., I don’t know what I would have done without you… You are a Knight in Shining Yellow Van…

You wouldn’t believe how many BIKERS slowed down to look at me! Not one of them stopped to see if I was ok or if I needed help… I am disgusted and extremely dissapointed and am losing my faith in most people on the road…

Thank god for LB, this community has something really special…

Yeah me and SI are GOOD friends

dont know about “shining” yellow van tash more like “grimy… yeallow van”

Glad it worked out and your home ok! I puctured last month and of course did not have the plug kit I bought two years ago. Borrowed one for from a bubby though and got home. They are worth their weight in gold…plug kits and mates!

It is a bit surprising that no-one actually stopped.

Though in their defence, it is actually illegal to stop & offer assistance on a motorway, so maybe M20 riders/drivers are just the law abiding type !

Borrowed one from a “bubby” tho?..err…what kind of “bubbys” that then? Is this a new breed of being?

Well done Adam for helping Tash out…and i second her thoughts on LB being the forum it is! Good job Jay was about to put that post out too!! Phew! Gives you a warm glow when a story ends well…Tash? you are having more **** than me with your bike mate !!!

Noted!! I’ve also heard that sticking a glove on the handlebar “thumbs down” is also a sign you’re in a bit of bother.

i just thought the sign was jumping up and down while ranting and kicking the crap out of your machine was a clue as to it being broken down…

I thought damsels just showed a bit of leg and fluttered their lashes, how wrong I have been all these years.