Urgent! Need a DVI->HD25 screen adapter

If anyone has one, can they please use the site’s email feature to email me as we need one; upgrade gone wrong! Alternatively, if you have a PCI-E graphics card with a DVI port going spare, let me know. Will come and collect tonight if poss. Cash waiting!

The adapter is to convert the new style flat-panel connection to the old style ‘D’ connection, which has 25 pins. Help!

Not sure exactly what ure reffring to…is this a DVI to VGA lead or DVA to HDMI??? Either lead can be purchased for really cheap (plus loads of other computer goodies) in stratford computer fair that is on a sat and sun. Bike parking is fine on the pavement. £2 entry.

Loads of cheap bits n bobs from harddisks to monitor to prebuilt pcs to graphics cards to blank media etc…just off a11