Hi there,

Trigger (Russ) if you are reading this I am in Clapham just now. I have lost my mobile phone so dont have your number. You can call me on (Number removed by Admin - Please PM member for the number if required)

Or if anyone on here knows Russ and has his mobile number please can you call me on the above number to let me know. I am down visiting from Aberdeen and have no way of getting in touch with him !



I have spoken to Trigger who now has your number :smiley:

Big thumbs up to Grim and Eric for sorting this out, I owe both of you a beer or three, In fact I will be out and about tonight with the above Joan this evening in Chiswick if ya fancy, give me a bell.

Once again cheers guys you have restored my faith in folk.


Thanks to everyone that helped out and got in touch with Trigger for me :smiley: It just goes to show how helpful fellow bikers can be and you saved me from being stranded in London !

Maybe see some of you guys at some trackdays :smiley:

I hope he bought you a drink :PA pleasure to help, he’s a good bloke :wink:

Aye he bought me a drink, I needed one after all that stress :laugh: Thanks again :slight_smile: