urgent lb'ers help needed

does anyone know of any good yamaha garages in the west london area, i literally have just had a spill and aint too pleased about it

cheers in advance

Theres a Yam garage in shepherds bush that sorted me out loads. Good blokes for the most part. http://www.motorcyclestore.co.uk/

I would think about steering a wide berth around west london yamaha if I were you

Hope you aint hurt yourself…

I can’t recommend you a good one but I can suggest one to avoid, as Redster mentions above :slight_smile:

Got to agree here, Brian Gray in High Wycombe are very good although may be a little far out for you :wink:

as always, thanks for your help everyone

Do you have to go to Yamaha? I’d rather take mine to Southern Cross in Kilburn.

+1 with Shewoolf and there’s also Ducati Proteam in Wimbledon 9don’t be fooled by the trading name they work on all bikes - even globe trotting heaps like mine!)

Just had my TDM 24k service done by AMS Motorcycles (near Reading) and they collected and delivered (quick and easy). Only £250 all-in and that included new fork seals, although I’d already done Iridiums and K&N and supplied the oil.Clearly not a dealer but seem to know their stuff and the convenience of collect/delivery (as I was going away for a week) was great.

Call Steve - 01189 695600 if you’re interested.