Stuck on Sidmouth Rd and need small Allen key 3 or 4 mm to swap my fucking battery over.

If anyone’s able to help PDQ I’ll be very grateful.

Can’t you just bump it? Get it rolling then dump the clutch in 2nd.

Home now. Bumping it wouldn’t help - either the regulator or alternator have failed. I had a spare battery with me just in case but no 4mm allen key to disconnect the old one. Gave it a while and limped to the shops in Willesden Green where I found a wonderful tat shop who sold me a set of plasticine keys for £1.50.

Got the battery swapped and managed to get to the 1 mile sign just before M1 J5, almost home, before the bastard conked out again. A helpful European chap stopped to see if he could help, but alas not.

Left it a while then nursed it up the hard shoulder, down the A41 and home.

I’ve got no idea why I could still get enough out of it to start and get home, but I’ve got an electrical measuring tool thingy so I need to work out how to use it to try and find the fault so I can fix the fucker.

If anyone fancies a nice KTM 950SM there’s one on eBay at £3700, but it’ll soon be reduced due to an electrical issue, whilst the owner pisses in the wind trying to fix it!


Good luck

Cheers, I’ve had plenty of the bad variety lately!

Well at least the high point was that it wasn’t raining

How broken is it? @me_groovy:smiley:

nah, I’ve learned to always carry tools for roadside repairs.

sounds like your rectifier has gone mate ,had exactly same problem with my hornet last year,it was doing my head right in and i killed 2 batters messing around with it ,replaced the rectifier and all good.

I’m hoping the alternator is at fault - £60 more for the part, but seems to be a far easier job to get it done.

Yeah I thought mine was alternator but doing research alternator don’t seem to go wrong to much,my money us still on rectifier.

Mine was also the rectifier