Urgent help needed......please!!!

Changed brake lines,

flled resevoir with fresh brake fluid.

Opened bleeed nipple and pumped brake… nothing.

level not going down, no fluid going out of bleed nipple.

I assume have air in the system. Kept pumping for a while, still nothing.

Please, anyone any ideas??

Keep pumping like there’s no tomorrow!

I tend to pump the brake lever three times and hold it in while I open and then close the bleed nipple. Do this about 300 times (maybe more!) and eventually the lever will start to stiffen up.

Do it some more and your brakes will be better than ever before.

There is also a way of sucking the fluid down through the new lines if this doesn’t work.

Thanks for the response. It certainly helped.

I was pumping for approx 20mins constant prior to any fluid and air bubbles coming through, either on the rear, or the front master cylinder.

Without the advice, re keep pumping, I would’ve given up, assuming something with the fitment of the lines was wrong!

Finally fitted, sorted! look the business.


ps remember… keep pumping, it’ll happen!!

I bet your hand aches tomorrow

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