Urgent Help Needed: Do you work in the public sector?

Urgent: I need a bailout, please!!! I am an academic who agreed to take on a part-time EU funded research programme analysing the changing nature of public sector employment across six countries. This project has been running for three years (I was young and needed the money when I accepted. Ok, let’s be honest…I am old and I still need the money).

To be honest, it is in shambles. I am contracted to one day a week, the French team running it refuses to put any of the documents into English, and my English boss (who translates the French) has given up the will to live on this project and left me with the job of conducting ten interviews (due in Luxembourg two weeks ago) investigating the experiences of young people in the public sector.

Do any of you work for a local authority (e.g. education, social services, police, etc.), or for the NHS? Are you between 18 and 30? If so, can I please chat with you for 30 minutes about your work experiences? I will need to record the interviews and can ensure that all data will be confidential and it will be passed through to the EU at the end of this four-year project. Honestly, I don’t know how I am going to pull all of this off on top of my full-time job and additional lecturing.

If I can recruit through this site, I could have the project done and dusted by the weekend. Another star save! Now, to work on my French……

All help is greatly appreciated!!! Please e-mail me on: [email protected] if you are interested. Thank you!!!

Soz doll, I don’t fit either of those parameters. But I can lie for England.

Be happy to help with some French tho …

Same as andrew Mate sorry.

can u do phone interviews?

sorry mate, to old.

Thank you! Sadly, I am confined by the age range set by the project leaders. Pixie, I would love to do a phone interview, but my data recorder won’t cope. Poor academic = lack of cool technology. I am happy to travel to an interview though.

Just had an e-mail from someone’s friend who works in the public sector, so progress is being made. You are all stars!!!

Andrew, think I can manage the kind of French you have in mind without extra tuition .

the person i’m thinking of is in portsmouth, not sure if thats too far 4 u, i’l bell her an see how many others in her office are of the right age and let u know. u might get a few in one hit.

How far away is Portsmouth? I am a Yank and don’t tend to know…sounds like a good excuse for a ride . Yes, if I could knock a few on the head at once, that would be ideal. Clever clogs! I have worked on dozens of projects with no problem, but this has been a nightmare and I don’t want it falling on my head if it comes undone from the British side. You star!

portsmouth is straight down the a3 (junction 10 off the m25) its a lovely road to ride have also contacted a teacher in london, who’s too old but they have 5 new grad teachers who should be young enough. cant promise any of em will help but i’l try. good luck. i’l let u know asa i hear

You need to be a spy, Pixie! I looked at a map and Portsmouth would be an easy jaunt. Also, I have been calling schools (bloody half term!) and leaving messages. If I could get five new teachers, that would be even better. God, you are a life-saver if this all works out.

My colleagues are laughing at me as this is the most ‘randomly’ sampled group of interviewees they have seen thrown together. They are convinced about my bike obssession (I work for a Centre of Risk Management), but I suspect that this will win them over. Hooray! I can’t imagine interacting with a more diverse group of people!

Hugs, hugs, hugs!

yeah her schools half term this week too, not sure if you’ll have an answer from them by this weekend tho… might not be til mon tue? i’ll pass on your email if they get back to me and i’l let u kno if thro here too

I am pretty good with French, (I used to live there), and I am waiting to become a Police Officer…

And I am unemployed

Any good?

Thanks, Gof! Sadly, I already translated the French into English, so it is ok on this end. Thank you, though! How far along are you in the process of becoming a police? We need to look at experience in the public sector…if you haven’t joined it yet, it wouldn’t work . You are a sweetheart to offer, and I am sure that they will want more interviews conducted over the next year. Shall I keep you posted?

ahh well…

I have passed all the entrance tests, I am just waiting for a start date, which seems like it will be for ever.

Well done, GoF! Let us know how it goes when you begin…should lead to some interesting stories!

Cheers, Tony! I have an Olympus DS-330 Digital Voice Recorder. I just asked if we could put some new equipment on the budget and got snorted at. I think that the well ran dry a long time ago. NEVER work on an EU funded project! Given that I only need to conduct 10 interviews, I think that it is best to pop around in person…rapport and all of that! You have been mighty quiet today!

Brooke, I work for UCL and fit in everything but the age! but there’s a solution, if see me by my spititual age which will always be 29!

You are a sweetie! Beauty sleep is always a good idea, especially if you are trying to be action man in your spare time ! I wish that I could give you some of my work, but fear that it would bore you to tears . I might need the equipment at some point, Tony…thank you!



Cheers, you! I must stick to the age range as I am unhappy enough about the way in which this is being hurried through. A spiritual age of 29, but what is your mental age, my dear?

Mental? Well, at work it’s around 40, on the bike around 22, near a nice girl that I’m atracted around 18, near my mom around 12, near my father around 50, after a few beers?.. well you got the idea…