URGENT - Ducati 996 Head Required

Posting this on behalf of a friend. Any help and assistance much appreciated. We have two days on track at Cadwell booked for Monday and Tuesday. Currently he has nothing to ride :frowning:

"Mike @ MD Racing was just putting the finishing touches to my 996 today (after I binned it at Snetterton) in time for Cadwell, went to start it and it cut out with a bang.

Transpires that the reason for my ‘off’ was that one of the bolts from the fuel tank lug at the front had worked loose, dropped into the airbox, and then found its way into the rear inlet. Resulting in at least one broken valve, another mangled one, and, if I’m lucky, the rest has escaped.

Anyhow, Mike has tried today to source a complete 2nd hand head + valves given that that’s probably the most effective/cheapest way of getting back on the road. But he’s had no luck and he’s pretty much out of time.

So, bit of a plea - any thoughts on my chances of getting this back in time for Cadwell? Does anyone know anyone who might have what we are after? Does anyone have the know-how to help me out?"

Anyone happen to have a complete 996 BP head handy?

just in luck i have a set of complete heads,including cams.

heads only done 3000 odd miles.

pm me with a number and i shall call you,heads are sitting in hendon,but im in south west london by the bridge which ever is easiest.

996 bp heads,fairing too!