Urgent brake help needed


Triumph Daytona 1200 1995 N reg

Noise from the front brakes so in my wisdom I decided to take some bolts out of the caliper on the right hand side and fluid came out of the bottom of the caliper when Itook one of the bolts out.Tightened it up quickly but now have no pressure on the brake lever.

I have sold the bike and the bloke is picking it up in the morning and I am no mechanic so urgent help needed if any one lives in or near the Buckhurst hill area or can explain in detail what I need to do.

It turned out the noise was from the fender extende that had rubbed on the front wheel !

Please reply soon.

go to your local bike shop and get some brake fluid. dot 4 will be fine. also get a bleeding kit.

ask the person in the shop to explain how you do it if they can. if not the here goes…

take off master cylindar top and fill to brim making sure no fluid is spilt

pump the lever ensuring the level does not go below the min mark (this could let more air in your brake system)

spanner on the bleed valve on the caliper the fuild came out of with the bleed kit hose attached to the nipple or just a cloth

crack the valve open at the same time compress the lever and fluid and air will come out (will feel like just fluid) close the bleed valve before letting go of the lever.

keep doing this pumping the lever in between and ALWAYS ensure the level stays above min or you’ll get more air in the system.

its real easy but will take 20-30 mins to do.

You’ll have to excuse me if I sound thick but is that all that is wrong with it ? because I let some fluid out when I undid that bolt I have caused the lever to go soft ?

yes you have let fluid out and air in. so you need to bleed the system but hopefully only that caliper. its pretty straightforward so you should be fine.

just take your time and keep the resevoir topped up

Thanks Seb,

Now to find a bike shop open,Pressume this will be the same kit as for a car so maybe Halfrauds will have it.

halfords have the bike ones too and the fluid. sometimes we are forced to darken their door…if its really really urgent :wink:

if you didnt depress lever whilst apart you may noit have let air in, only sucks in when lever is released.

How much fluid came out? top up resevoir and with resevoir lid off keep pushing lever, might build up pressure.
if fluid is in reservoir and hose, open bleed nipple push lever down keep lever pushed down and then do up nipple, thus letting any air out. build pressure up and repeat.

ya dont need fancy bleed kits.

did you actually split the caliper…if so then bleeding will solve it, if you just took it off and found fluid then you have a leak that needs to be fixed before it can be sold…you could not sell it with a dodgy brake…

Right back from …That place…I now own a one man brake and clutch complete bleeding kit £6.99 and 500ml Dot 4 brake fluid…Off to te garage and see how I get on.

I’ll be back…Hopefully.

I don’t think it has a leak,I took out the two outer bolts and then the inner bolt which is when the fluid came out of the bottom of the caliper.I think I ‘split’ the caliper as you said and that is the problem…Wrong bolt taken out.

Back soon.

An update as I have come in to calm down.

One screw,straight out no problem…Second screw wouldn’t budge and the screw driver has caused more damage and you can’t get a driver in thei at all now as it has rounded off. Tried getting a different driver in their and made matters worse. I am now trying to drill the head off as I have found some spare screws that will fit but the drill has gone flat so now have a half hour wait while it charges up again.I don’t even know if trying to drill the head off is going to work or not ?

To say I am f****d off is an understatement. My last resort is to call the buyer,tell him whats happened and knock some money off so he can get it fixed.

And theres more…

Got the screw out eventually but took the lid off put the pipe on undid the bleed nipple and pumped the brake lever…Nothing happened ?

I give up…AA called,let them bleed the bl**dy thing.Bloke who has bought it just called me and said he isn’t picking it up until tomorrow evening so it should be done by then.hopefully.

For anyone thats interested…Bike fixed AA man got a fiver and the buyer of my bike is none the wiser and doesn’t need to be…

Thread can be closed ta…Thanks to those of you that posted advise.Cheers

glad you got it sorted. the buyer shouldn’t care either way as there is no problem with the bike now. honesty is the best policy…you’ve only bled the brakes :wink: