Urgent anyone missing a bike in London?

took these in soho London. Number of bikes in the back but the blokes became very agressive. Have called police

Ok pics not posting on mobile but there’s an R1 in there with the reg YJ05TNK

Ooh. I hope not, I am (or was) parked on Marshall St. Have you managed to post the photo anywhere? If you email it to [email protected] I can host it if that helps?

Oh FFS!! Sick to death of hearing about bikes being stolen in London, when will the authorities start taking this seriously?!!

Maybe if the police invested in a small budget to advertise campaigns making the public aware of suspicious behavior around bikes and to report anything suspect to a specific number/email.

But then again, why would anyone who doesn’t ride a bike care about bikers losing their babies :crying:

they’d rather deploy hundreds of policemen to enforce ASL…

If it’s any consolation, they give even fewer shits about stolen bicycles.

good to see the police Knockers out again

Really? Would have thought it a bit chilly for Mrs Wise yo be out sunbathing topless in the garden just yet! :smiley:

I sent pics to you big red s, via the email you provided. If you can post them, that would be great.