URGENT!!! Advice on Cadwell please

I need to know what Cadwell Park is like.

Is it suitable for a complete trackday virgin? Isn’t this quite a demanding track?

Answers by Sunday morning please.

Well, too late, I have gone and done it. Just been offered a Rapid Training trackday on Monday and I’m going

Mate called, 2 of his mates have pulled out at the last min and so I have taken this £130 day for £40 WELL CHUFFED

No time to think too much about it, too excited. Unlike booking Mallory last week for 11 July, I know I’d be cackin it for a month but this time as its such short notice… I’m just too damn excited

Go for ir girl. Rapid training are the bollox, they really know their stuff and really nice fellas to boot. Have done stuff with them before and cannot say a bad thing about them.

Really need to get a group of biking newbies to sample their wares as they do tend to focus on the training side.

Now, there’s a challenge for LB?

If there is a spare slot then plz let me know ASAP, will throw a sickie gladly for Cadwell, one of the best circuits in england.

Good on you! Youll love Cadwell, its a beautiful circuit. A little less forgiving than most tracks as its narrow and can have less run off. This does add to the sensation of speed though. Thats got to be the way to go if you can get some training with these guys.
Cadwell has a bit of everything. Tight twisty bits, faster flowing sections, up and downhill bends and blind corners. All good for testing and developing your skills.
Mustnt forget the Mountain, youll feel like you`re going to take off.
One tip i would apply to any circuit is to practice getting a good exit out of every corner. Beginners are more likely to lose the front end as they generally rush into corners, this also means they have to carry more lean angle to try and hit the right apex and get on the power later resulting in a slower lap. Practice going into the bend more under control and aiming to hit the right apex and getting on the gas early.


Sounds scarey as hell!!! Dunno if I’ll be giggling all the way round or crying LOL

“up and downhill bends and blind corners. All good for testing and developing your skills.” EEK, I’d say!!!

Really looking forward to it tho, does sound demanding and I’m looking forward to advancing my skills and learning as much as I can. Think its def a good idea to do this one before Mallory, think its more on the training side, less pressure straight away

Oh and sorry Pups, the other space is already taken, I just wish there were more available, especially as its your birthday soon

Next time mate x

"Oh and sorry Pups, the other space is already taken, I just wish there were more available, especially as its your birthday soon [Big Grin] "

Snigger snigger



Dick Dastardly/ Hooded Claw.


<IMG height=249 src=“http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/e/e0/Dastardly_muttley_cast.jpg/250px-Dastardly_muttley_cast.jpg” width=250 longDesc=/wiki/Imageastardly_muttley_cast.jpg>

The Vulture Squadron eh?

(Would av made a luvly birthday prezzie!!!)

You will love Cadwell, a bit like a mini Nurburgring. I am racing there in July and looking forward to it. There are two circuits, the full one is the one to do, it has the mountain in it! WHen you come out of the pits you will be at hall bends, not a place to overtake. You go down to a hairpin where you can get drive out of her down to Barn Corner. Lots of speed can be carried through here, watch out for the highside though as you go onto the start finish straight. This is followed by a fast left hander, uphill, to a blind double apex right. Again this is quite a quick corner. Then you go starightish, downhill, uphill to a fast right. This is followed by another right and then there is a more gentle sweepeing right which tightens at the end into the Gooseneck. Right into left. Downhill where there is a tightish left at the bottom. Make sure you slide back in the seat to try and keep some weight on the back for the braking downhill. Round the left, on the power and then brake hard for a chicane, right then left. Drive out of here down to a tightish left, this left is followed by a right which you need to really drive to get up the mountain - eeeeeek. Middleish of track is best here, the front will probably come up as you reach the top, back as well sometimes! Over the top you go and back down to Hall Bends.

Think that about sums it up, have a wonderful time there. Having checked the forecast for tomorrow, take waterproofs!

Hope you enjoyed better weather than we’ve had down here!!!

It started to rain in the afternoon, read the report in general

Good report there mate, now I have done the trackday it all makes sense. i didn’t get to read it before going out tho.

Lovely circuit

Congrats on surviving Cadwell. One of the best tracks (in my opinion) in the UK. Glad you enjoyed it.