urgant powercommander question.........

As you have probobly read, i am having trouble with my bike regarding my pc III usb. I have a question for you, on the PCIII i have, it has the number 315-410, now i have noticed on sites selling PCIII’s that the number for my bike should be 315-411, what i want to know is, does this make a difference, as i think i have been missold my pcIII. I just need to make sure, so i can then challenge the seller, and have all the correct info i need.
thanks again guys

The number is very important, but I don’t know if you can only have the one stated on the PC site. I would recommend ringing up Dynojet UK, who are a very helpful bunch in my experience, they’ll be able to tell you for sure.


Yea Jay, i’m going to get on the phone to them tommorow, am, to have a chat, i need to know as i have sparky coming round again tommorow, to try and sort the bike out. I can’t rest with the bike in the garage not working!!!

Dynojet US has just got back to me, and they have said that the number is correct, my number 315-410 is for the PCIII usb unit only for the k4, the other number 315-411 is for the pack with stickers etc, so i can rule that out.
So still pretty baffled about this, does anyone think it could be possible that i have not loaded the map corectly onto the PCIII, and in turn this has cleared any mapping alredy on the ECU? would this happen? would it affect the bike starting? MMmmmm somthing else for me to think about. Think i may go bang my head against a wall !!!

Are you sure that the PC works? When I had mine fitted the first unit was faulty and apparently thats not uncommon. Do you know anyone with the same bike that you can put it into and check? Is the earth lead connected to the battery? Have been told that it has to be.

Hey chuff, gonna get it checked tommorow, sparky is coming round again, so keeping my fingers crossed. Yea earth lead was connected to the neg terminal of the battery.

when I put my PC on my K4 1000 Gixxer I had to remove the tilt switch that kills the fuel if the bikes tips over.

I had to remove it from its bracket and leave it dangling to route the cables, (it is pushed onto a little bracket in front of the battery towards the engine)

When I tried to restart the bike, pump whirred for about 1 second instead of 2 and it wouldn’t fire, a few scratches of the head later I reattached the sensor in its upright position and all was fine

Apart from that, easy peasy