Urban tiger fireblade

Has anybody owned one or still has one?

Im thinking of buying one and id like to know what there like.

i have one as we speak very good bike had mine about 18 months now and not a single problem (touch wood!!)

can be a bit wild cause it aint got a damper or nothing!

its very small in length but you can chuck it about!! oh and it has a 16in front wheel but you can get most decent rubber for it

got told the engine is more or less bullet proof good for 165+

if it your first bike id advise get something smaller first cause it just like pepperami…

“a bit of an animal”

I had a 1994 “RRR” but mine was “Ross White” (White, red n blue) Always regretted not ordering the Urban Tiger after I saw it in the flesh:blink:

It’s quick, it’s comfy, has loadsa storage and will do everything you are asking of it.

Prolly a few minters still hidden away out there but i’d expect the majority of them to be sh@gged by now though;):DAlso…expect to pay £100 less if it’s got rim tape:D:D:D

You wanna do a few insurance quotes too, for a youngster it ain’t gonna be cheap !

Iv been riding a Kawasaki ZXR 400. Every body says they are an animal and iv been told that the old one with twin lights are even worse.

Jeez chunky!!! That is getting really old now :ermm:

Theres no real difference between the original twin lamp and the fox eye, it’s mostly cosmetic.

Rather like your comments about my “SRAD” mate;):smiley:

Shakey, Terry-Moto will tell you how much abuse they’ll take. He took his to France and Spain with us last year and stunts the life out of it regularly :wink:

They were the top dog back in the day, still a good ride now :cool:

yer but its a complete different kettle of fish!!

twice the size, twice the power, and much less forgiving!!! trust me im know how forgiving they are!!:w00t:

they was the bench mark for modern superbikes,and still keep up with the best of them:D

If I read this right I think Shakey was talking about the original twin lamp 'Blade compared to the Foxeyed Tiger

Yeah i was.

The twin lamp blade killed alot of test riders when they first made it.

I recall only mentioning that once :hehe:

oh sorry i was on about the difference between a 400 and the blade

Lol sorry about that one. Well if i had one id baby it ever where i went lol

im sure you would!! :w00t:
well for about a day anyway!:smiley:

Lol Id buy a track (or stunt) bike to be a hooligan on;)

I have one, although a bit broken, I like twitchy bikes and this caought me out 3 years ago and I’m still sufering, LOVE them though.

Honda would run one in 500 engines on the bench for 50k at full revs then another 50k at half revs to test them!

Does exactly what it says on the tin…:D:D

The 16inch front can be chaanged but best keep it real I say (right Chunks), just feels like you are about to fall off then it bites and JOY…:w00t:

Sounds like a right handfull to ride.

Engaging is how I describe them.

Mine is being very slowly transformed, I ride a TL1000S now, I bought it for the same reason…TWITCHY!!

When I have the money I’ll get a 2004 ZX10, but that is a way away…:slight_smile: