Urban Tiger 05 blade MMMMM

What do you think? MMMMM <swoon>

Well the colours are nice but I’d still rather have THE classic bike in them not a new blade, it just doesn’t seem right … or the repsol scheme on the new blade MMMmmmMMMM even better




Undecided on that one.

The most beautiful colours of the blade was the fox eye model in Black, silver and yellow and they also did a grey, purple white and orange too which was very nice see attached:



It reminds me of my old CBR400 Tri-Arm (Had an Urban Tiger Dream Machine paint job). Don’t let Cezar know but I reckon that a new Blade sprayed in Klafi Honda (Baros) colours would look pretty damn sweet - see Foxy’s WSB pics for a preview

Have to disagree about the best Blade though Terry, always though that the best one was the 1992 original version in black. Super cool and a tru classic!! Would have one in my dream garage as well as an original 916 any day.

Charly that one always makes me think of a Cadbury’s Boost bar. Dunno why. Nil points.

Terry - you need to see a professional - nil point.

Powerslide - Black always looked good but boring 2 points, Barros rep nice but limited appeal 3 points.

LMRR - spot on, clearly knows a good colour scheme and would look stunning on new Blade (the best looking litre bike IMHO) maximum 10 points!

awww your a honey

I meant the paintscheme although naturally it would apply to you to!

And I thought you meant my taste

Nice to know my scheme scores ok with someone around here anyway

'tis a lovely thing. Judging by the other schemes that Honda put on that bike it may have been luck, but it is a classic defo.

And still translates well today. I loved the Repsol thing on last yrs bike, but have gone off it recently as it looks too vulgar for my refined taste (lol).

WOWEE… that looks nice… Wish my baby looked half as nice as that!

Does look good, not as good as the original though. Not enough fairing to show off the colours with the skinny tail unit and big vents

Looks beautiful!

Yeah true. I’m biased tho, as I think the 06 Blade is an absolute belter. It would even look fetching in Kawasaki green.

looks great! loved it!

I have a real issue buying from Taz…

My ex bought her ducati from there ( when we lived in Cambridge ) bright yellow 749… I hated the thing but she loved it…

Anyway bought it cash, rode it away after they did all their bits to it new mot, inspection etc etc… A few days later Jo didn’t make a corner on it and the accident was a very bad one and she’s never been able to ride since. But it was only then we found out that the bike did NOT have an MOT … Last I knew she was suing them as she’d been sold a bike from a dealer without a valid MOT …

May have been a one off admin error, but when the bike doesn’t have a certificate of road worthiness you have to question whether the bike had other problems or not !

No mate I just have wonderful taste! Very original me I like to be different and not have the same as every one else

Prefer the Urban Tiger to the Repsol!

I mean how long have Repsol been sponsoring Honda, since 94/95? It’s just been done to death, the point of a custom paint scheme is surely to look a little diff. from the norm, the Repsol job just looks like a factory special edition!

If anyone remembers a John Kocinski rep Dream Machine paint job (like the Shoei helmet), that was just the dogs gonads. Mate had one on an FZR400RR when I was 17, I was in love with it, would buy an R1 just to have that paint job

"Powerslide’s mind wanders off on a dream of a Kocinski rep bike and helmet, mm wonder if I could I afford the finance…

Oh and by the way, if anyone could find a pic of that Kocinski paint job, would love to see it. Even pay to see it! I’ve looked all over the net and no success so far.

Have a good weekend all, whatever you’re up to