Some of you may have seen this but i feel the need to post it up as it does make me chuckle its not meant to say what it says. Coming off the M40 by the M25 turn off thers a huge wall someone has decided to use as a canvas for years painted in massive letters was “GIVE PEAS A CHANCE” along with loads of other hippy cliches but thats all painted over now with some other urban graffiti!! but this is the best bit, seeming the need to spread the love and peace between his fellow man he has decided to climb the 60ft viaduct just past the Denham turn off of the M25 and paint his apparent message of how the world should be…now i know im not to hot on the old spelling but If your gonna paint summin in 5ft high white letters on one of the UKs busiest section of motorway check you f*cking spelling first… see pic



I always wondered what the Peas had done…but i gave them a chance

Was it a case of “Peas Release Me”

Or “Peas Peas Me”

Or “Let there Be Peas on Earth”

Or “Pipes of Peas”

Cor you can tell i have been listening to oldie radio stations today