Upper Thames Street

I head westbound down there on my commute in the morning and every bloody day there seems to be at least one lorry blocking a lane waiting to get access to a building site. Or just parked. And then there’s the gits who walk out into the road and hold everybody up while damn great trucks manouvre around to get in or out of some site or other. I’m pissed off with it as the traffic gets backed up enough along there what with the seemingly ever-present roadworks anyway. Ok, so on a bike you can get through, but it just effing annoys me. Is it a Red Route or not?So anyhow, this morning I sent a moaning e-mail to TfL at [email protected]. If anyone else gets annoyed by this (can’t only be me, can it?) please drop 'em a line asking them to enforce the Red Route controls in the morning rush.

PS: taking a chill pill right now. :slight_smile:

which would you rather…someone stopping traffic so a truck can manuever safely or just start backing up struggling to see, and having impatiant gits whinging cos they are doing a job ? yer you guessed it im a truck driver and when YOU pay as much road tax, various charges, cost of getting licence and can actually drive one then moan about us !! or are you one of those peeps that think the faries put stuff in shops ?

Oops… Upsetting the LB lorry drivers… :pinch:

I’m a lorry driver too, and contrary to popular belief… I enjoy being stuck in tight roads in town, just as much as you enjoy waiting to get past.

Everything you buy from a shop, has been put there by a lorry… what’s the alternative??

keeping quiet as its one of the sites i deliver to.u try getting in there u have to wait for the marshalls to set themselfs up before u move.it all takes time

I have no problem whatsoever with anyone going about their law abiding business, whether they hold me up or not. I am a reasonable person and understand that the world needs to keep turning, and that sometimes that means that I will be inconvenienced from time to time.

But the road is a Red Route. And my problem is with drivers who are blocking a major artery in the middle of the morning commute. So unless there is some special dispensation for the businesses and sites along there - drivers must not stop. And I have every right to complain it if they do.

and drivers have every right to block a major arterial route to go about there lawful business.

its a sod on thames st cos to go round the block involves lapping tower london and southwick bridges which is not an option if someones given you an optimistic deadline or if your over 18 tonnes. so theres no option sometimes but to wait. If they’re waiting on the eastbound, suggest next time they put it on the tower approach little slip rd thing.

London wouldnt work without trucks or blokes in hi viz, stop moaning

If it’s a building site call the local authority (I assume City of London) Planning Department and find out what restrictions are in place for deliveries to that site. If the builders are taking deliveries outside the permitted hours the council should be taking it up with them.