Right can anyone on here tell me if its possible to upload pictures from a mobile phone onto a post here ? :slight_smile:

must be some clever clogs on here who knows how to do it, will be handy to post the odd picture up whilst we are away in Italy saves taking a laptop with us, ta muchly :slight_smile:

oops shuda put this in pix n vids section…donut :smiley:

you can do this with facebook… so then you could copy the facebook picture link onto a post…

bit of a round a bout way, but cant think of anyother way…

You can post direct from a digital camera, so would doing it from a phone be the same?

pan I aint even figured how to do it on facebook :D:D told ya Im a thick t**t :slight_smile:

an Lb geek will be along with the answer shortly :slight_smile:

why dont you just draw us a picture :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:



My kids do it by bluetooth to a bluetooth adaptor with usb connection.Thats how I got my avatar from my mobile on to here.