Upgrading the master cylinder?

I’m having my calipers rebuilt on my 2000 R1 as there getting sticky, so at the same time I will be fitting some Goodridge hoses as well.
I have been told I might as well change the master cylinder for a Brembo item. Question is, What’s the difference between the stock over the Brembo?
Will I notice any difference? or should i just stick with the stock master cylinder and change the hoses/brake fluid?

Cheers for any replies!

MrGee; the difference is UNBELIEVABLE. The radial Brembo master-cylinders are the same ones as used in MotoGP and all other classes of racing, they are the defacto MC for stopping very quickly. I personally have run them on two of my previous bikes, and one is planned for the K5.

What they will do is give you a LOT more feedback at the lever, allowing you to brake harder and deeper into the corners, and secondly, they’ll be a **** load more powerful! You can haul up from top-speed with one finger, no problem.

There are a couple of things to note when contemplating this upgrade (you should do it, they are badass, and look very nice as well);

  • There are two main types of units by Brembo for sportsbikes (well four, including the normal, or billet construction), they are 19x20 and 19x18. This designation refers to two values; the cylinder size in mm, and the distance from the hinge to the fulcrum in mm. The 19x18 model is the vastly more popular one, used in racing, as it allows you to have more feedback, which is more valuable than more power, which is what the 19x20 offers. There’s no point having more power if you can’t feel the front tyre about to give it up.

  • They have no provision for brake-light switches. You need to go down one of two routes; do what most of the UK bunch do and get an inline pressure switch, which will feel when the lever is being depressed and activate the light, but this is prone to failure and cannot be adjusted. Or do what those in the know do, and fit an adjustable switch mechanism. This mechanism mounts underneath the Brembo unit and allows you to precisely set when the light should activate. This route means getting a part from US supplier, yoyodyneti.com

In the UK, the units cost about £250, but from the states, they cost about £150, though add in some more for shipping, tax and brake light switch mechanism (if you choose it). I can’t strongly enough recommend going down this route, you won’t believe how much better biking is with stonkingly powerful brakes! Oh yes, one more point, Brembo also make a fold-up lver that adds even more trickness to your bike, the idea being if you drop the bike, it can fold up and hopefully save being ripped off.

Here it is installed on my previous bike (ignore the white crap a friend put on it):

Thanks Jay!..I’m getting one!

if you are buying feel free to buy me 1 aswell you know where to send it would buy my own but skint at the mo

what, down to your last 20K! pull the other one mate.

Have you sold that mountain bike yet?..if you have, you can buy me one. ha ha

I would like one as well, whilst you’re both at it

no mate still got the other mountain bike but i will advertise it one day unless you wana buy it & help you put some weight on like me o by the way the engine is f@@ked in that one aswell ! other than that its brand new

Any of you guys tried ISR master cylinders? real good quality. Got one on my ZX7 at the mo ( soon to be going on the gixxer). Adjusterble ratio and span and come complete with brake switch. Check out pb unlimited.

Cheers badman I will take a look!

Whats the price for this piece of kit?