Upgraded my bike

Heya folks,

Surely some of you will remember me from LB meets in the last few years with my ratty ol’ NTV 650 which has seen quite a lot of use :wink:

Well, the time had finally come to part with it, in the end I didn’t know how many miles were on it, the speedo cable broke somewhere around 70.000 and I couldn’t be arsed to replaced it. In Germany we say “Until MOT do us part” and in the end it went to a crazy NTV head who stripped it for parts. Those of you who have Seen the bike will find it hard to believe but I actually still got some money for it!

So, for the next few months I sucked it up, lived bikeless, kept working, kept saving… and a few weeks ago I gave into temptation and got a Real bike… a '00 CBR 1100 XX Blackbird, something I had been lusting after ever since I got my licence. When I rode it away, the chap that sold it to me had a tear welling in his eye… he owned it since new!

Ever since then I’ve been trying to come to terms with the pure brutish power of this bike. It’s not really as Nimble as the NTV and probably not as good for commuting, unless your commute involves a lengthy stretch of Autobahn… It’s a big, long, wide, heavy bus, and I wouldn’t want to slot it through traffic… but boy does it shift!

In retrospect I’m very very glad I started out on my ratty ol’ 650 and rode that for a few years, because with a Blackbird for a first bike you would almost certainly die. So far I very very rarely venture over 6-7k rpm, and why should I ? It pulls like a train from 2k onwards and you can practically ride around in 6th gear all day and pretend you have a twist and go scooter.

There are moments in which I let the Beast off the leash though… the Autobahn is what this bike was built for. 120 mph feels more comfortable than 60 mph on a naked thanks to the nice screen and fairing who along with the turbine-like engine just whirring away without any vibration give the dangerous illusion you are barely moving at all… at this speed this bike feels like it’s barely ticking over, and it has plenty of roar left to about 160 mph, which is where so far I ran out of balls, which is probably a Good Thing.

Time and money permitting, I’m planning to visit England next year when the temperatures are a bit more agreeable for touring, and give my thanks to all the LB’ers that helped me out of a shitty situation back in the day (you know who you are, and you are not forgotten), and eat some sausages. They still do sausages do they?

All the best,

  • Stefan Mechanic.

Lovely Blackbird Stefan - it looks immaculate - that’s a big jump you’ve made there - NTV to CBR1100! It must have been a bit of a culture shock at first. You are so lucky being able to ride it ‘properly’ :smiley: on the unrestricted autobahn in Germany (I’m envious). I guess the bike starts to feel best when you are going at the speeds it was designed to live at (120mph +) - so be careful.

If it were mine i’d probably consider fitting some crash bungs as it must be quite a large heavy bike to filter through traffic.

Listening to people like you gets me so jealous, its a shame our minister for roads doesnt ride. I did a trip to France for the rugby world cup, stopped in Lille, Paris, and Calais (not in that order) and the roads there (2 lanes not 3) were fantastic. (But beware because the cops ride Blades) I transgress, what I want to say is when I win the lottery I too am going over to Germany with my baby to LEGALLY hit the speeds that my ride was built for.

In the meantime be lucky you showoff

Oh… and yeah I do like your new purchase, I can see why the seller would be crying on her sale

Nice bike mate, very big difference to the NTV! Glad to see you life getting back on track :slight_smile: