updating v5 vehicle address

when I moved into my last house I started to update the address on the V5s for the bikes, filled in the new address bit and never got round to sending them off (didn’t do the date).

I’ve now moved again, but the v5s have been filled in for the old address. does anyone know a way to send them off to go straight to my new address?

I could register them at my last address and then rely on the mail forwarding from royal mail to send them here, then change the address again, but looking for a shorter way round.

Also, is it possible to make two changes at once, I’ swapped the engine so the engine no will need updating too


ive done it before

^^^ As above, not done it myself though. Other option is a V62 and £25. This is the process if you’ve lost your V5 and need to change your address.


Cheers guys, wanted to avoid the £25, there 4 v5s to change

Cheers guys, wanted to avoid the £25, there 4 v5s to change Boris
when I say tipex

use the roller type & not the paint brush type

Spoke to the dvla to get the official answer, cross it out and put in a covering note with the new address

Always good to get the official answer :wink:

I thought you could do this online now, I know you can for the change of ownership.

That was my original thought, seems to just be new owner