UPDATED NOW 6th April 2013 Photo workshop at OMC

Ok so idea no2 is to have some sort of class room based group photography thing where those of us more familiar with cameras, how the work and what to point them at can answer questions or at least cover the basic principles of cameras, lenses and their settings, and the consequences there of, in a class room type environment - likely OMC.

Would that sort of thing appeal?

I’d be up for it.

Can you make my photos better?

Try changing the subjects … Automatic results … :Whistling:

I’m up for that, and if OMC are too busy I could probably supply a venue in central London too.

I’d be interested.

Do you have a camera?

I can teach that if you don’t have someone in mind…

I’d be keen to attend. No specific questions in mind but I’d be very interested to pick up stuff I don’t currently know from those who know what they’re doing.

Cheers Simon - might be useful to have you on board. If you’ve prior experience especially. I’ve some topics / structure in mind so why not get some ideas on paper and email me [email protected] ?

** Update **

Venue confirmed as OMC upstairs. Numbers will be limited to 15 due to seating issues. Date likely to be 9th or 16th March i.e. a Saturday, for the best part of the afternoon.

The course will discuss the 3 basic aspects which all cameras revolve around, how those aspects alter the results and what all those other buttons on your cameras do. I’ll have some gear with me of various types and ages so we will doubtless be talking about what gear you’ve all got or are thinking about too.

Please bring your camera if you want - I’m not intending it to be an entirely hands-on day otherwise I’ll prob end up poking about in the menus of 15 people’s cameras instead of doing what I plan to do - but certainly it will help you perhaps relate some of what I impart to your own gear.

We aren’t going to be taking photos nor is it a “how to take a better photo” class. There are people far more qualified out there to teach you that (if it can be taught at all).

If more than 15 want to come then we’ll do another one.

Ok so OMC have all-cleared us for a room this month. All I need are people to come along. Remember this isn’t “how to take good photos” it is “what do these buttons and numbers mean on my camera?”

Names please.

Are we gonna have “How to take good photos” lesson as well? :slight_smile:

Which date are we going for Andrew? I’m guessing not the 9th, but I’m doing the suspension Check with B on the 16th, so would otherwise have been up for it.

well up for a walk around with the camera too when the weather cheers up!

Ok so I’m gonna book 30th March for it.

It’ll be an afternoon starting at 1pm. Bring your camera if you want.

It will not be specifically about how to take a better photo but by understanding the controls you have a far better chance of taking better photos.

Following on from this we’ll do a little walkaround too, esp as I gather the flats at Elefant and Castle are being knocked down soon. They are subject no1 on my list.

Easter Saturday :crying:

Gonna have to pass !

I’m in :slight_smile:

Rats, certainly interested but no can do on Easter Saturday - that’s family time.

Well if youve roped in Lawrence as a nude life model, Ill have to back out. I may not be able to control my urges.

My Ikon Ikonita could not cope in such circumstances.:slight_smile:

bloody hell


if it isnt one cockeyed poxy “celebration” or another. this is hair pullingly frustrating.

another date needs thinking about.