Update on Jarrod

As promised - Jarrod had his surgery yesterday and is hoping to leave the hospital tonight to carry on recovering at his sister-in-law’s house. He has a lot of metal put in the foot (he’s really looking forward going through the scanners at the airport in the future). And he is still pretty groggy from the painkillers.
He should be recovered enough by next week to have some visitors, so we can organize a little trip north to see him. Apparently he may need help convincing the family that bikes are a safe hobby…! :wink:

Well done Stevie for keeping an eye on him and reporting in.

How far North is the SIL?

Thats great news, can’t beleive how long its taken to get the swelling to a level to operate. What was the final diagnosis? what was the full extent of the Damage?

Send him my Love and wishes, and i would like to be part of the Visiting committee if it’s arranged :slight_smile:

Same here, I’d like to visit and see how hes doing :slight_smile: Thank you for the update Stevie and I’m glad he’s finally had the op!!

He will make a full recovery. There is a wire in the foot that will need to come out but other than that it’s all back in the right place. His collar bone is healing well too. And his SIL lives in Harpenden so not too far to go! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Stevie - Hope the recovery goes well for him :slight_smile:

Assuming that the metal is titanium, it won’t usually set off the airport scanners (I have it running through my leg)

^^^ I have 4 metal plates in my face too and it doesn’t set off any scanners :frowning:

Don’t tell him that - he would be sooo disappointed! :smiley:

he will be fine & I hope he has a speedy recovery & gets back on a bike asap
I have a part titanium wrist & never set of a scanner

Thanks for the update, glad to hear he’s recovering well

thanks very much Stevie,
i’m up for a visit too. weekends only though.

Harpenden - I’m in

We could make a day of it and do Jarrod, B660, B1040 and the A507 :wink:

Count me in too.

I was advised to have my titanium removed once healed as my lifestyle (cycling, skiing and fast women) could result in another leg break which would be further complicated if the implant bent.

Nice to hear good news…

On a different note, I´m amazed of the amount of metal body parts that LB members have on them!

Occupational hazard. Apart from Tiger Brains who studied “Creative Writing” in prison by the look of his post.

GWS Jarrod

I’m up for a visit too on a weekend. Good to hear that he’s recovering but surprised it’s taken that long (sounds like it’s more serious than I thought).

Thanks for keeping us updated. I have been wondering how he’s been getting on, but not knowing him that well, I felt it would have been a bit intrusive to ask.