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anyone up to anything tonight…

last night before the rain starts again…

yep…yep…yep…just preping my bike hun…will give you a bell so weeze can meet up and go to the ace!!!

sees ya soon


IM COMING!!..ahhhh, although i dont know if thats a good idea…

yep, should be getting the bike back today so will be wanting to do some miles and check out the improvements…

If the other half is feeling poorly still, i may tuck him in bed with my teddy bear and come out to play…

scratch that, just been told the bike’s not ready.

would love to be riding tonight

on the plus side, the reasons are ones i’m glad the dude has picked up on and it should feel like a totally new bike tomorrow

im gonna get down the ace/bridge tonight think your quite near me smiled im petts wood looking to reach the ace for 7ish though ride a black a gold limited edition k4 probably catch you about mate


I am taking Baby tonight - Bella is still not ready.

Should be out tonight! Perhaps Ace, defo Soho.

dinner from 7

sure thing red rat,will keep an eye out for ya…!!!

if not see you at the ace tonight?

maybe ride back togeather…


Flats and K5 will be at the ace from half 7 ish cya then

Will hopefully be going to the ace tonight and maybe even soho if i can find my way! Say hello if you see me! Im 6 foot 7 and will be weraing a blue and white jacket, and arai lid. I will be riding this baby…