up date

just got told im going to be put down as charge hand from foreman. My money will stay the same for 12month, this will take place after the first weak in april. So i am now looking 4 another job, to start by april so i can get a refrance as a foreman, not charge hand. Any one know of any going any

At least you are still on the same money, and have less responsibility, and you still have a job:)

dont jump till you got another job…its murder out there, taken me over 12 months to get full work again, take the money and less responsability

It might be handy to know what you did in the form of work.

English teacher? In which case…

At least you still have a job and that your money is still the same, good luck looking out there as it is tuff at the moment.

thanx all, im going to stay as i have 1 yr to find a job, befor my money drops