UNSAFE Helmets on the loose

To quote the Met Police Twitter feed -

On 08/02/2013 - 400 unsafe motorcycle helmets were deposited at a recycling centre in KEW to be destroyed but overnight they were stolen They are plain black helmets and bear the tags of the importer, THE BIG BAD SHEEP COMPANY, TWICKENHAM, TW2 6RS

Samples sent off for approval failed due to inadequate side protection , insufficient visibility , non compliance with the impact test

They had poor design for front opening thus rendering them worthless in the UK ,so subsequently the awaited destruction at recycle centre.

The helmets have BIG BAD SHEEP COMPANY on one face & a picture of an angry sheep face on the other. They are unsafe, do not use - Please RT

Coming to a takeaway near you soon. I jest but some of the lids I’ve seen those chaps ride around in aren’t fit to use as a potty.

On eBay last week sold for £5.50

Sh… I missed this bargain…


Do we have a brand to compete with Box? One of the guys at work has a Box helmet. I was tempted to send him a link to the post with our evaluation of the box brand.


Suomy are pretty cheap.