Unofficial Auckland chapter

Finally got the bike all legal and registered here. My commute is stress free and very picturesque. Worth the effort for sure, but it was anything but straight forward (for the wife’s bike anyway). Bring on the sunshine and warm weather :sun_behind_small_cloud: :motorcycle: :cityscape:


Hey @TimmyFox ,

Good to see you back on two wheels, is my sticker still on there?

Timmy Fox rides again :smile:

@Zander you got a bike to join in?

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Heh heh, not logged in here for a while @nivag - thanks for the nudge!

I lived around the corner from that photo in Metropolis for a year. A friend was assistant director on Sweet Tooth and one of their latest episodes showed lots of car chases near that street too :smile:

I’m up in Bay of Islands now, still no bike in NZ, though still got my GS 1200 in UK. I’ve actually just popped back to UK to see family for a quick visit and wondering what to do with GS.

NZ is lovely, though biker gangs spoil things a bit.

@TimmyFox can I ask who you used to ship please and how much? Thanks!

PS - I miss the UK lanes, though some NZ roads awesome, especially South Island passes.


I’ll message you directly.

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Nah, that had long gone. If I can find somewhere that does custom plate surrounds I’ll get it done properly for you.

Plates are super small over here too so there’s no room