Unmarked Police Car, Guildford A3 Heading North

If you are travelling on the A3 and see a metallic blue Ford Focus ST be aware and definitely don’t bait it. I saw it pulling someone today. Concealed blue lights flashing all over the show.

Bit harsh really as this car just screams “race me.” If that’s your bag obviously. I’d of course not ever be involved in such shenanigans.

there’s a thread on here about this somewherealready, but just to add I think there is also an orange one as well around the Surrey patch. Concealed grill lights etc. Didn’t see the back.

Yes concealed lights on the back too and probably a “Follow Me, [You are so screwed]” board.


pictured in this link - a couple of RSs (orange and a dark blue)…The article mentions this is a year long campaign to target drivers. Hopefully the crap ones first eh :wink:

Glad to see your vocabulary is expanding Joby but not quite sure if “schenenigans” is the Irish or European spelling - please confirm. Also, be careful in your Volvo on that road - don’t think you’re still on the bike:D