Unmarked Police Bike on A2 Londonbound

Saw an unmarked police bike on the A2 London bound who’d pulled over a car near Bexleyheath. Couldn’t make out what bike it was as it was dark but it was a sportsbike, dark blue or black, with (surprise surprise) a flashing blue light. Rider was wearing a white helmet and hi-vis (didn’t notice any ‘Police’ markings on it though).

Something to keep your eye out for in future just in case it’s not a one-off.:unsure:

Thanks I came down that road last night. Its 50 most of the way down that road but it feels like at night it should be national speed limit.

Take care with the 50 speed limit on this bit of the road, I have seen lots of close shaves with bikes here. Cars erratically try to get across the lanes at the last minute for the exit.