Unmarked GS Bike

Saw this on my way to work this morning. Itw as just after the Bow Flyover towards the City. I would have not even known he was a policeman. Think he pulled this van for some reason.

good info !!

sneaky buggers!!

dont ever trust those on a GS. Simple.


very sneeky but most sport bikes will out run that anyways they have high torque low top end.

Errrr, yeah. As long you don’t mind getting done for failing to stop on top of the speeding.

Not to mention the fact that a high speed pursuit through the city is likely to end in tears.

that and police riders are some of the best riders you will ever meet! then theres india99, and you wont get away from them!

cant get done for failing to stop for an unmarked police vehicle easily claim you werent sure if they were really police or someone pretending to be a police vehicle so you didnt wanna stop for them for safety reasons not like they have police written on them plus anyone can stick flashing blue strobes on their bike and a police seiren.

Unmarked GS in Camden yesterday too…

maybe we can have a quick post reviewing the most common unmarked vehicles?

im new to london but hope others can fill in?

i am yet to see an unmarked looking scruffy.


seen a couple audis
as well as a fiesta type.

i think popo stick to same makes? fords seem to me the most common place, i always check my mirrors for people following me, mate got done on a bike too apparently followed by cop bikers.

maybe im paranoid but i often check that the guy behind me’s not following me, by indicating say right while approaching the junctrion then changing to left to see what the guy behind me does. obviously in good time before entering the junction.

another question I have is about policemen. in my country, a policeman alone will mean he is off duty, they patrol in pairs.

am I right to think that if the car tailing me has only one guy in it, it’s not police?


anything else?


okay and what about the procedure in general if cops see you driving unappropriately.

if they have a camera then I guess ( do they all have cameras?) there’s not much to do.

if they don’t`? are you allowed to ask to see the tape? to call them on the bluff ?

conrad ?

As I found out giving the international ‘gentleman’s sign’ as he bloked my re-entrance by speeding up… then after doing it riding up close to me and when I stopped to see what he wanted, turned his lights on :smiley:

Though being one I don’t think he could do anything!

hmmm… don’t think…

seems like so much of life is just pure luck!

It’s common sense, if you are riding sensibly you won’t come to anyone’s attention regardless if they are in an
unmarked car/bike. One policeman on his own can stick you on for anything, some have cameras some don’t.

Some police patrol on their own, depending on what they have been assigned to that day.
From now on until the end of the Olympics, you will see many more police on bikes marked and unmarked.

If one pulls you over, don’t even think of not stopping as previously stated there is a chopper and what
most people forget…they have radios too!

They all chop and change in London to keep you on your toes have seen Hyundais, BMW, Audi, Vauxhall etc pretty much all brands even seen city police with a jag XF. Essex police had a mini cooper that was barry boyed so they could sneek into night cruises and catch out the unsuspecting racing between the roundabouts at lakeside