UNKLE - The Answer

UNKLE - The Answer - John Hillcoat director, Ray Winstone starring from UNKLE on Vimeo.

Acclaimed film director John Hillcoat, whose last major motion picture feature was the critically heralded ‘The Road’, directs the first video for UNKLE’s ‘The Answer’. His vision begins with Ray Winstone (The Departed, Sexy Beast, Cold Mountain) relaying a memory from years past.

UNKLE - The Answer - Ross Cairns director from UNKLE on Vimeo.

The second video for UNKLE’s ‘The Answer’, directed by Ross Cairns features footage from the Relentless ‘Lives of The Artists’ documentaries. The highly anticipated new installment, ‘Lives Of The Artists: Follow Me Down’ features James Lavelle and legendary backcountry snowboarders, Jeremy Jones and Xavier De La Rue.

i love Unkle and most things that Lavelle does! beautiful sounds & music there!

I thought the video featuring Winstone in it started well, but then got all pants with some rather unimaginative refractions nodding towards Lucy in the sky with diamonds . Shame as it is a nice tune and I do like Ray Winstone.