I would just like to say a Big Thanks to the police [ never thought i would say that ] and USR peeps and people involed in today for the excellent job they ALL did today i was really impessed at how pro it was, also to the riders [ of course ]

was a buzz to see the main part of london come to a stop for us to go through and back again.

Jim will do what you asked me to do next year, no problem

Agreed mate, went very smoothly and was a different, but very fun ride, the sound going through limehouse link tunnel was mental!!

I really enjoyed it - was weird riding in single file for most of the ride but was good! I was revving my bike in the limehouse and couldnt hear it over all the others

The police & marshalls did a really good job with the traffic

r yes i remember that bit, my hand just slipped on the throttle, i rode side by side with E lost and Blue star through out the ride, we had a laugh. excellent day.

The sound of all the gixers just blended together

Really enjoyed yesterday, even if the bike did get a bit hot

Hopefully it will have made a few people realise that most bikers are just normal people who love bikes and riding

Well done everyone who was involved, but especially the organisers, the support riders and police.

I really enjoyed it from start to finish… I led the L platers and a few others from Box Hill to Excel in the morning - mucho nicer route than the motorway

Glad I was a USR or my nuts would have roasted!