Unity ride????

What is this Unity ride thing I see posted up on here?

I was on the M25 heading passed Brands going North about half eleven on Sunday (yes, very very wet especially in jeans :crazy and passed about 30-40 bikes with a number of flouro jacketed ‘marshalls’ crawling along in the slow lane. I presume they were heading somewhere en masse - was it the Unity thingy?

Is it a learner event as they looked very nervy and were really crawling along as the cack conditions and loads of spray seemed to have un-nerved them. I had to filter through the resulting tailback.

Oh well hope they all got back safe, wherever they were off to…

That was probably the ride in to Excel from Box Hill for the start of the unity ride.

I went from Box Hill, and cleverly volunteered to lead the L platers/125’s via an A road route… mucho nicer & in the end not very different time wise