Unity Ride

Is any body else going on the Unity Ride .
Am considering going but have never ridden through that part of the city and was wondering if anybody was leaving from west London/ ace cafe that i could follow :slight_smile:


There will be an organised ride-in from ace so you will have a few hundred bikes to follow. Details will be on the Unity website in due course, if not then i will find out for you. I will be riding in from box hill.

Coming in from the Oakdene.

i Will investigate the group leaving the Ace then. :slight_smile:

there is a group ride in from the ace cafe and all the other bike haunts, these rides will be marshalled by the USR’s until the start at Excel

I’ll be going from the Ace… Last year there were about 200 riders from the Ace so you will have plenty of people to ride with

I’ll be riding from Liechtenstein to the Engadine Valley in Switzerland on that day :slight_smile:

But I expect you’ll all have a better time than me :D:D:P:)

just under 500 bikers participated in last year unity ride!

So dont worry about riding in the city, everything comes to a stand still!!:smiley:

Id like to but Im on my last night shift on the 17! argh